Many have tried to explain the Triune God in simple language using various analogies.  My favorite is water.  Liquid water is H2O.  Ice is H2O.  Water vapor is H2O,  Water, ice, and vapor are different forms of the same substance. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are of the same substance as stated in the Nicene […]

Balak, king of Moab, wanted Balaam (a greedy prophet for hire) to curse Israel, but as Balaam said, “I can only say what God tells me to say.”  Three times Balak tried to get Balaam to curse Israel, but he could not.  Here is a sample of his prophetic utterances: “The nation is like a […]

Today as I was reading Numbers, a verse arrested my attention.  Moses was a humble man, more humble than anyone else on earth (Numbers 12: 3 GNT). The verse suggests a reason–perhaps the main reason–that God chose Moses to lead the Hebrews (along with many God-fearing Egyptians, by the way) out of Egypt. It must […]

This is the cover of my grandmother’s, Effie Bell Butler Wright’s, copy of “The Holy Bible” (The Southwestern Company, Nashville, TN.  I couldn’t find a copyright date, but my grandmother gave this Bible to her husband and family in 1910.   Most of what you read in the New Testament is also in the Old […]

I want to share something that happened to me in the past twelve months that I believe was supernatural–a work of the Holy Spirit.  While shopping for clothes at a local thrift store, I heard a name in my head. (Instead of using the real name, I’ll use the name “Sawyer.”)  Immediately after I heard […]

Acts 15 fascinates me.  The Messianic Jews were wondering what to do with the Gentiles that were coming to faith in the Messiah.   Here are some highlights: Verses 1 and 2 state the problem.  Some men came from Judea to Antioch and started teaching the believers, “You cannot be saved unless you are circumcised […] Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains the significance of the Shemita on Jonathan’s Bernis’ “Jewish Voice.”


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