Book Review: “Top 20 Dreams”

TOP 20 DREAMS: What the Most Common Dreams Are Telling You, by John Paul Jackson, is short but packed with information about dream interpretation. You can read the book in half an hour. Despite its brevity, the book is the most comprehensive work I’ve ever read on dreams. I use the book as a reference guide. Whenever I have a dream worth remembering but don’t know the meaning of it, I consult TOP 20 DREAMS.

For example, I dreamed that all of my teeth fell out at once.  The dream made no sense– until I read the first chapter entitled “Teeth.” I often dream about houses and vehicles, and sure enough there’s a chapter on each. Just about every dream you can imagine falls into one of the 20 categories spelled out in the book.

John Paul Jackson uses a Biblical model for interpreting dreams. Although God speaks to us primarily through his Word, He sometimes uses dreams to get our attention–just as did with Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, the Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Pilate’s wife, and others.

Not everyone has a gift of interpreting dreams, but with the help of TOP 20 CATEGORIES, anyone can find meaning in his or her nighttime narratives. Dreams can be life changing. Anyone looking for a deeper understanding of dreams and a closer relationship with God can benefit from this book.

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