Happy New Year!

Today (April 9) is Nisan 1, the beginning of the Biblical year.  Nisan 1 actually began yesterday at sundown because a day in God’s timing is from sundown to sundown.  (See Genesis 1: 5.)  Nissan is called “the first month” in Leviticus 23: 5.  The New Year is followed by Passover, the beginning of the Spring Feasts, on Nissan 14.

Many celebrate the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) in the seventh month of Tishrei.  This alteration in the Hebrew calendar (the secular calendar) reflects Babylonian influences.

Today is significant for other reasons as well.  Some, including Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, believe that Yeshua was born in the spring, probably Nisan 1.  Luke 2: 8 (NASB) states “and in the same region there were some shepherds staying out in the fields, and keeping watch over their flock by night.”  Why would shepherds be tending their flock during the night?  Answer: lambs are only born in the spring.  So the shepherds would be tending the sheep that were giving birth.

Luke provides another clue to the timing of Yeshua’s birth in Luke 1: 5-13.  In that passage, Zacharias,”of the division of Abijah” (I Chronicles 24: 10), had a visitation from an angel proclaiming that his barren wife, Elizabeth, would become pregnant with the future John the Baptist.  This helps to establish a timeline that progresses as Mary visits Elizabeth, who is six months pregnant.  Mary shares that she is pregnant with the Son of God and stays with Elizabeth three months.

Lastly, today is exceptional  because  it marks the beginning of the year of Jubilee.





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