Witnessing in the Marketplace

I want to share something that happened to me in the past twelve months that I believe was supernatural–a work of the Holy Spirit.  While shopping for clothes at a local thrift store, I heard a name in my head. (Instead of using the real name, I’ll use the name “Sawyer.”)  Immediately after I heard “Sawyer” in my head, I heard a man audibly introducing himself as “Sawyer” to another customer.  This arrested my attention.

The man’s speech pattern suggested that he was intoxicated.  I was convinced that the Lord wanted me to witness to him.  Why else would I have known the stranger’s name before I heard him say it?  Believe me, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t go near anyone inebriated.  But I knew what the Holy Spirit was prompting me to do.

I approached “Mr. Sawyer” slowly and made some mundane remark about clothes.  Before I knew it, the subject changed to spiritual matters.  He told me that he had gone to a Christian camp as a young man and learned the names of the books of the Bible in order.  Then he asked me a question about King Saul.  When I found the opportunity, I spoke with him briefly about his alcohol problem.  (The smell was overwhelming, which confirmed my suspicion.)  Then I asked him if he had ever accepted Christ as his savior.  He said no and started crying.  I led him in the sinner’s prayer and left.

I planted a seed that day and I pray that others will water it.  Also, I ask that every believer reading this post will pray for Mr. Sawyer’s spiritual growth.

I wish I could say that this sort of thing happens to me often, but it doesn’t.  In fact, I think this was a first.  Witnessing is easy when the Holy Spirit is involved.  I pray that all of us who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior will have these types of encounters every day.

We are living in the last days.  Time is running out.  The Bible says to make the most of every opportunity.  We must listen to God and follow His leading–not only in church but in the marketplace and everywhere else.  We are ambassadors for Christ.  May His light shine bright in each of us, so that others will be drawn to the light and desire a personal relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through the Messiah.  In Jesus name I pray.


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  1. Awesome. I LOVE when God sends ‘divine appointments’, which are such a testimony in themselves of His living, loving presence! Thank you for sharing this powerful encounter, and I will pray for ‘Sawyer’…God bless!

  2. This is Awesome, my prayers are with you and “Sawyer”. It is amazing how many lives will be touched. I’m sure your witnessing to him answered many prayers from his family and friends, which they also will rejoice in this.

    1. Yes, I think people must have been praying for him too. I was astonished when he started quoting the books of the Bible that he had learned many years ago. I’ve had supernatural experiences of the God-kind before, but I think this was a first. i don’t think I told him that God gave me his name before I heard it audibly. I wish I had. God willing, maybe I’ll run into “Sawyer” again someday and tell him. God bless you and thank you for the encouragement.

  3. I thought I was logged in, when I commented. This is Awesome, my prayers are with you and “Sawyer”. It is amazing how many lives will be touched. I’m sure your witnessing to him answered many prayers from his family and friends, which they also will rejoice in this.

  4. Witnessing is extremely easy when it is a response to Holy Spirit’s promptings. He knows more than we do and we must trust His lead in all things. Great testament to the Power of Holy Spirit.

  5. “Arrested attention” ~ I like the sound of that.
    a beautiful and encouraging story….”with the spirit planted a seed and a prayer for others to water well” ~ powerful ~ Amen :Y

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