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Next Wednesday, January 22, is the forty-first anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  The question “when does life begin” is not a matter of semantics for me.

Many years ago, I was working as an RN on a surgical unit in a hospital in Virginia when someone in admissions called to say that she was sending a patient to my floor who was in the process of aborting a baby.  The woman’s saline abortion had begun in a clinic, and she was having contractions.  (In a saline abortion, saline is injected into the woman’s amniotic fluid.  The baby ingests the saline and dies of toxicity).

According to the chart, the mother was about four months pregnant. Even though I was a liberal feminist and did not have strong feelings about abortion, I was disturbed.  What if the baby was born alive?  Clearly, I was not to do anything.  That’s why the woman was sent to my floor instead of the delivery room.

I delivered the baby in a bedpan.  He looked like a full-term baby boy, only smaller, and he was dead.  I remember looking at the boy and thinking “this is murder.”  From that day to this, I have been pro-life.

The average women considering abortion is in a desperate situation.  She does not want to kill her baby.  She wants to turn the clock back.  Maybe her husband, boyfriend, or a family member is pressuring her to abort.  It’s hard to make a life-changing decision when you’re in a crisis pregnancy and time is running out.

If you know a woman with a crisis pregnancy, be sure to tell her (or her husband/boyfriend) about crisis pregnancy centers.  They are non-profit organizations that offer free services, such as pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, housing,  baby clothes, baby furniture, etc.

To find the nearest crisis pregnancy center near you, click here.  Lifecall has listings of CPCs throughout the United States.



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