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Truth, Fantasy, Science Fiction?

Many are aware the books by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam. On Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural,” the authors discuss “Petro-Romanus” and “Exo-Vaticana.” I haven’t read either book but found the interviews on “It’s Supernatural” (Part 1 and 2) interesting. Advertisements

What is Messianic Judaism?

Since 1967, the Messianic Jewish movement has grown leaps and bounds, but it started long before that.  Peter and Paul were Messianic Jews before the New Testament was written and canonized. Also, Moses and Elijah confirmed Jesus (Yeshua) as the Messiah on the mount of “Transfiguration” (Luke 9: 28-35, Mark 9: 1-13, Matthew 17: 1-13, […]

Perry Stone on the Seven Biblical Feasts (Leviticus 23) and the Genetic Code

To watch the video click on the link below.

Where is Mount Sinai?

I did not realize that the location of Mount Sinai was particularly controversial until I stumbled across a You Tube video in which Jim and Penny Caldwell discuss Mount Sinai with the hosts of  The traditional location of Mount Sinai is in Egypt, but Ms. Caldwell notes that Paul’s letter to the Galatians locates Mount Sinai in Arabia, not Egypt. For this Agar [Hagar] is […]

Chuck Missler on Bible Codes

Awesome video!


I was familiar with the story of how God defeated the Midianites through Gideon and his army of 300 men, but I never paid attention to the dream that gave Gideon encouragement.  This morning, while reading Judges 7,  I stumbled upon the dream and its interpretation, which God wanted Gideon to hear.  Under God’s direction, Gideon slipped into the Midianite camp at […]