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Why I’m Pro-Life

The March for Life in Washington came and went, and I never got around to posting anything on this blog about Roe vs. Wade.  In a way, I’m glad I waited until things quieted down.In a society like ours that prides itself on free speech, we hear so many voices–pro and con–about this, that, and the other.  What about […]

LATEST – Voice of Evangelism – Perry Stone Ministries

LATEST – Voice of Evangelism – Perry Stone Ministries. I’m still excited about having seen and heard  Perry Stone preach over the weekend.  I ended up buying several of his materials: “Opening the Gates of Heaven” (book), “The Hebrew Alphabet and the Amazing Prophetic Code” (DVD), “How to Flow in the Gifts of the Spirit” […]

Perry Stone Speaks Out

I am blessed that Perry Stone flew to my state to speak at my church three days in a row:  Friday night through Sunday evening (Jan. 25-27).  During that time, he gave six sermons–each one on a different topic.  I heard four out of the six.   Although it snowed Friday night, many Christians braved […]

Perry Stone: Review of His Sermon on Rahab

        Last night I attended a service in which Perry Stone was speaking.  (If you’re not familiar with Perry Stone, you can learn about him and his ministry at  He gave an outstanding sermon about Rahab, the harlot.  Most Christians are aware that Rahab was the prostitute in Jericho who hid […]

Psalm 91 and Mark 16: 17-18

Mark 16: 18 has sparked controversy over the years among Christians and theologians. Some take the verse to the extreme and deliberately test God by picking up snakes in religious services. The other extreme is to dismiss the verse altogether. To put verse 18 into context, you must read the verse before it. [Jesus is […]


I read the Kindle version of  HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE while my husband was driving us to Moravian Falls, NC, and back. I had read about  the book on a Moravian Falls Website, which posted Sid Roth’s (“It’s Supernatural“) interview with Anna Rountree.  I figured that the book would put me in the mood for visiting […]

Numbers 30: Think Before You Speak

This morning I read Numbers 30: 1-16, which teaches that one should not speak rashly, because God will hold him accountable for the vows he makes.  This brought to mind the words of Jesus in Matthew 5: 37.  “Let your statement be ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no.’  To put this in context, Jesus is answering […]