I wrote about the Nephillim in my post “Numbers 13: A Bad Report” a few days ago, and then I learned of this video on Lyn Leahz’s blog. It’s remarkable, and whether or not you agree with Chuck Missler’s take on UFOs, you will find the video intriguing.

Lyn Leahz

This is a long video, but well worth the watch when you have time.  Chuck goes into great detail in the beginning to give you substantial background, but in the middle, he starts delving into how this all pertains to the Bible, the Days of Noah, and the days we are living in.  He sums it up with a great salvation and preparation message as well. I can’t tell you enough that I learned so many new things tonight as I watched this…things I never had any idea. He even explains why the English language reads left to right and why Arabic and Hebrew reads right to left. Mind blowing!  This video will make you think!  Let me put it to you this way…you’ll NEVER forget it.  

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