Hello world!

I’ve been a born-again Christian since 1980 as well as a church-goer most of my life, not always by choice.  Since my dad was a Methodist preacher, I was expected to attend Sunday school as well as Sunday morning and evening services.

I rebelled as a young woman and went my own way, breaking God’s commandments and living a life of pleasure, in which I found more heartache than happiness.  When I hit rock bottom at the age of 32, I stopped blaming others for my sins.  I repented, invited Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) into my life, and was transformed.  The Holy Spirit became a tangible presence in my life from that moment on.

My two other blogs are Gothic Romance and John Gilbert, St. Elmo, and Me.  I was prompted to create this third blog to share the Good News, encourage and learn from other believers, and glorify the God of the universe.


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